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With 30 years X ray NDT engineering experience we are proficient in offering multifarious reliable and efficient industrial inspection solutions for different industries such as spaceflight aviation military industry shipbuilding petroleum chemical industry pressure vessels automobile industry and other special fields Our complete range of NDT products varies from X ray tube portable X ray unit mobile X ray machine real time radiography system accelerator and so on Dandong Nondestructive Testing Equipment Co Ltd has been leading R D manufacturer in Chinese industrial X ray field since 1988 with more than 150 excellent staff and 20000square meter building DNDT throughout managed as a...

Categories and Products

High Energy Betatron

X Ray Single high energy betatron 7.5MEV X Ray Cyclotron Dual-energy electron betatron High frequency High Energy Portable Electron Accelerator X Ray Highway Container Detection High AFC X Ray Electron linear accelerator X Ray Linear Electron Accelerator Industrial high thickness Linear Accelerator X Ray Electron Cyclotron linear-accelerator X Ray Industrial Computer Tomography Industrial Xray computed tomography(CT in short) betatron diagram 

Online Inspection System

Food RTR Inspection System Spiral pipe Welding Digital RTR Inspection Machine x ray Stainless Steel Pipe Inspection System Butt Weld Pipe Inspection System Boiler Pipe Welding Real Time Radiography Inspection System irregular shape Casting Inspection Machine Single Wheel Inspection System(inspect one by one) Car Alloy Hub/Wheel X ray Inspection RTR System Wheel Online X Ray Inspection Machine DNDT brand Non-standard Product Online Inspection RTR System X Ray Online RTR Inspection System X Ray Casting Parts Nondestructive Inspection Equipment Car Tyre X Ray Defect Inspect System Piston x ray Inspection equipment Steel Wheel/pressure vessel X ray Inspection System Brake Motor defect Test RTR System Air Pump/Steel Bottle weld RTR Inspection system Piston online X Ray Inspection System SAW Pipe X Ray inspection radiography Machine 225KV SAW pipe/sprial welding detector 

Units For X Ray RTR System

Golf ball-head inspection X Ray Machine 350KV real time constant potential X Ray Machine Digital Image Unit Flat Panel for RTR machine CZ Series Image Intensifier Unit XZK Pipe RTR Inspection Machine controller High Frequency Real Time Radiography System Controller HF High Tension High Frequency Generator Low Frequenct oil insulation constant potential generator Touch Screen Control X Ray water Cooler X Ray oil insulation cooler for tube 6/9/12 Inch Digital/analog Image intensifier for RTR machine X Ray image plate for radiography system Industrial X Ray Water cooling machine Industrial X Ray High Frequency Machine Voltage Steel bottle inspection Constant Potential Machine HF Bipolar X Ray LNG cylinder HV machine Industrial High Voltage X Ray Control Unit X Ray Oil Insulate Cooling System X Radiation Water Cooling system X Ray Flat panel detector Image processing system 

Portable X Ray Machine

Directional portable X Ray Machine 160kv Portable X Ray Tube Machine 200kv Portable Directional Glass X Ray Generator 250kv Directional Glass tube insert Type Generator 300kv X Ray Glass Tube Directional Generator 320kv X Ray Radiation Detector Generator 350kv X Ray radiation Generator Pipe Inspection 100kv Panoramic ceramic x ray Machine 160kv Portable Panoramic Flat Target Model Machine 200KV Panoramic Glass x rayTube Machine 250kv Panoramic Flat/Cone Model Detector 300kv Flat Target Radiator Generator 320kv Panoramic Cone Or Flat Target Model Panoramic 350kv Pipe Inspection X Radiation Detector XXQ Light Weight Portable machine tube head panoramic portable Inspection x ray Detector Portable Real Time Radiography machine with Flat Panel types of x ray tubes types of x ray tubes X ray tube filament 

Pipeline Crawler

160KV X Ray Pipeline Crawler 200 KV X Ray Pipeline Crawler 250KV X Ray Pipeline Crawler Inspection 100KV X Ray Pipeline Crawler Detector Mini 100KV X Ray Pipeline Crawler 300KV X Ray Pipeline Crawler 200KV X Ray Pipeline Crawler crawler camera for sale 

X Ray Tube

DR/CR X Ray generator Machine High Frequency Filming Inspection Machine Metal Ceramic X Ray Tube Inspection Product Line Online Metal Ceramic X Radiation Generator Tube 420kv X Ray Metal Ceramic Tube High Frequency Industrial Testing Tube 40 beam angle Portable 225KV Industrial Ceramic Detect x ray Tube Dual Focus Metal Ceramic X Ray RTR Tube High Energy Metal Ceramic X Ray Tube High Frequency HP X Ray Tube(big/small focus) X Ray Radiation Metal Ceramic Tube U shape window X Ray Analyse Tube X Ray Ripple Tube core part of DR/CR X Ray Ripple Ceramic Tube 250KV 300KV Ripple Ceramic x ray Tube 140KV Glass type Computer Tomography Tube 140KV Ripple Ceramic Tube for Portable machine Thickness Measurement x ray Bulb Tube Industrial 160KV Bare Glass Tube High power Industrial X ray tube 

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